AIIMS is going to officially launch a online donation policy named “Adopt a Patient” from Saturday. Now the people can donate money for the poor and needy patient who admitted in the AIIMS hospital and have no money for implant and rehabilitation.

AIIMS to launch 'adopt a patient' a online donation policy

AIIMS to launch ‘adopt a patient’ a online donation policy

AIIMS admits about two lakh patient every year, out of which 30% to 40% are poor who can’t even pay for implant. Though surgery and consultation are free, most public hospitals charge for implants and other equipment needed post-surgery . Poor patients who come from states such as Bihar or Jharkhand do not have money to travel even nor do they have documents or wherewithal to seek funds from various agencies. Many die without treatment.

Some patient come to AIIMS with spinal injury. Though the treatment and surgery is free, but money is requared for the post treatment. Some family abandoned patients because they did not have the means to continue treatment or rehabilitate the patient at home. Such people will benefit from the policy.

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The donation policy will be officially launched by AIIMS director M.C. Misra on Saturday. But officials said they have received Rs 14,000 from two individuals within 24 hours of the trial process, which started on Wednesday.

Some NGO send mail to public for donation towards the treatment of the poor patiemt. Some cases are true, but in most cases the NGO feece money in the name of treatment. But “adopt a patient” policy will help the people to best utilize their donated money.

At present, AIIMS provides financial aid to the poor from the relief funds of the President, PM and CM, and funds from health ministry and private trusts in addition to discretionary grants. But that is not enough.As per government data, in five years (2009-10 to 2013-14) AIIMS provided financial aid to only 7,007 poor patients using these sources.

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